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Puppet laryngitis: On stories, (Turkish) soldiers and writing: Part II

  In honor of Veteran’s Day in the U.S., and in honor of my sore rotator cuff, today’s post is a reprise of a previous one, about one of the former soldiers in my present day life. Seni seviyorum canım! … Continue reading

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Breaking out of the glass box: The Karagöz puppets rejoice

Lately, I’ve been immobilized inside a midnight-blue and burnt sienna glass box, with walls so thick that the voices of the puppets have been obscured.   Those Karagöz puppets, They finally plastered a sign onto that imprisoning glass with rose … Continue reading

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Çay emergency: The puppets riot, the car dies

When I last left you, I was musing on the White Ribbon Campaign which addresses violence against women – and was quite happy to see the dialogue that ensued (thank you, my e-friends).  Our campaign was a success and the … Continue reading

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