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Bread, salt and love: Happy Valentine’s Day from the Karagöz puppets (and Nazim Hikmet)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all – the Karagöz puppets’ gift to you today is the sharing of a Nazim Hikmet poem which likens love to dipping bread into salt…relayed here in English and then in Turkish… I love you like … Continue reading

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The puppets celebrate a wedding on the Georgian border

The Karagöz puppets are all a-twitter about the upcoming Valentine’s day celebration.  Between valentine-making parties and the preparation of sweets, you can imagine that they haven’t been thinking much about blogging. So this morning, I asked them to tell me … Continue reading

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Hacivad Bey whispers on what is most important…

Today started early with Hacivad Bey, who crept up onto the windowsill above us in what the French refer to as “crepuscule“ or that ephemeral fleeting neon-turkuaz blue only found at dawn and dusk. Leaning over the edge of the cream-colored … Continue reading

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