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Just another çay bahçesi (tea garden) in Anatolia – Or is it?

Anyone who has spent much time in Turkey – especially in the more rural parts of Anatolia – has very likely seen all of the çay bahçesi (tea gardens) with older men hanging out drinking endless glasses of tea. The symphony … Continue reading

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Uç kadından biri: One billion Karagöz puppets rising!

One billion rising. I’ve seen a plethora of these three words over the past weeks, and so have the Karagöz puppets (when they sneak on my iPhone or iPad at night when I’m sleeping). “What billion things, pray tell,” Hacivad … Continue reading

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Eggs and Ottoman music: On cultural responsivity gone wrong in one Turkish American marital moment

Today, I really have to laugh at myself, along with Karagöz who is, of course, really howling at me (he tells me, “M’lady, I’m laughing WITH you, not at you.” Yeah right, Karagöz, I know you and your ways. Sigh. … Continue reading

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