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Popping up again and again: The puppets take on Hacı Yatmaz!

Hacı Yatmaz, the President of the Karagöz puppet republic, bops and rolls, bops and rolls, always managing to find himself back on his feet even after making the most silly comments ever… Let me explain that Hacı Yatmaz is an … Continue reading

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The Karagöz Puppets muse on Turkish (neo-colonialist?) influences in Kuzey Kibris

Although it has been a few months since our exploration of Northern Cyprus, our consideration of what we saw there continues to be a daily source of discussion. The  Karagöz puppets who inhabit my head, in particular, have much to … Continue reading

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Saf and Dobra rejoice at Recep Güven’s stunningly human commentary on the PKK in Diyarbakır

Yesterday, the Saf and Dobra puppets were really feeling the weight of their love-hate relationship with Turkey – and the U.S. to boot. In fact, they were quite twisted up about it, mirroring, of course, my own beloved M.’s feelings. … Continue reading

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