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Smells like Turkiye in here: Antep’ten pul biber, Bozcaada’dan kekik

It’s been days and days of not being able to smell anything during this bout of flu. My good friend even gave me three bottles of the most lovely perfume – and I couldn’t understand a whiff of it although … Continue reading

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Walking through Ptown at night: LGBT civil rights symbols and the Sultan of Nutcrackers

The wood upon wood sound of the lazy susan rotating dominated the tiny white house as I made ready for bed in our Provincetown perch.That lazy susan was carrying the tiny Karagöz puppets as they spun their goodnights to the … Continue reading

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A strange, (spinning) journey to pink paradise with the Karagöz

Rocketing through the night air, our little engine that could (after 11 years on the road) made its best possible way out to our retreat spot, in Provincetown.  Hacivad Bey annoints the trip with his words: “Rise up nimbly and … Continue reading

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