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Men and Pedicures: Macho duck – or “metro-sexual” from a Muslim land?

When I last left you, I was sharing my story of exposure to the Arabian Nights thanks to my mother, who championed imagination and a broad world view uber alles when it came to raising her girls.  She did not, … Continue reading

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Likened to a Taliban on the cross-town bus: A sparkly response

The inspiration for today’s pit-stop on the cross-cultural road trip of this Turkish-American marriage sprung up while we were watching a re-run of the television sitcom “Seinfeld.” Let me explain that almost 20 years after moving to the United States, … Continue reading

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Mutlu Yıllar/Happy New Year: What do you want to hear more about?

I couldn’t help myself, I decided I had to take a break from the fun of writing my crazy stories that are infused with Ottoman era puppets in my head in order to look at my site stats. OK, OK, … Continue reading

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