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Hacivad Bey consults Rumi on the topic of work

Silence reigns this Saturday as the majority of the Karagöz puppet troupe lounges, arms all akimbo, in and amongst the orchids that line the kitchen windows. They enjoy the soft, green moss blankets we tuck the orchids in with and hope that … Continue reading

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The puppets consult Rumi re: the U.S. Presidential election: Karagöz goes green – the rest of the puppets yell Gobama!

  Karagöz has been heckling me for weeks, saying things like  “Vote your conscience, and wreak havoc!”  M. agrees with the first part of the sentence, but not the second,  I think Karagöz has been whispering in his ears at night … Continue reading

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Hacivad Bey whispers on what is most important…

Today started early with Hacivad Bey, who crept up onto the windowsill above us in what the French refer to as “crepuscule“ or that ephemeral fleeting neon-turkuaz blue only found at dawn and dusk. Leaning over the edge of the cream-colored … Continue reading

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