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Bread, salt and love: Happy Valentine’s Day from the Karagöz puppets (and Nazim Hikmet)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all – the Karagöz puppets’ gift to you today is the sharing of a Nazim Hikmet poem which likens love to dipping bread into salt…relayed here in English and then in Turkish… I love you like … Continue reading

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“Hayır!” and “No!”: The Karagöz puppets protest November

“Hayır!” and “No!” These were the first words I heard this morning.  One in English and one in Turkish.  In choosing to speak both languages, the puppets were embracing their cross-cultural status.  You see, it has been almost a decade that they … Continue reading

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Tiryaki’s turn: Sen benim sarhoşluğumsun…

Lately, the puppets have been reading poetry again.  Maybe it is the autumnal weather and maudlin sunshine moments on the stone steps of the back porch that eggs them on so to find love poems that are tinged a bit … Continue reading

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