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Karagöz, Kafka & Kaş: On radical acceptance of unexpected realities

Still languishing in the in-between of not really REALLY sick anymore and not yet out of pain and fatigue at all, I am attempting to jump-start my brain. It is so flacid, this womp of flesh in my head, that … Continue reading

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Meet Mark and Esma: The Karagöz puppets howl with glee

We are standing in line waiting for a table at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We’ve been here many many times. M. Walks up to the hostess and asks for a table for two using his Turkish name. “Can you tell … Continue reading

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Keşmekeş II: When life gives you limonlar…

Yet again, Slowly-by-slowly has been off the grid with major health problems with pain that has made it hard to read, write or do much of anything. Without wallowing in self pity too much, I must say that my life … Continue reading

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