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A Karagöz Puppet-Refereed Debate about Islam as a Religion of Peace

What I have come to realize about myself in the context of my cross-cultural relationship, is that there are things about Islam and Muslim culture in Turkey that are difficult for me to accept. They are difficult to accept as … Continue reading

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A Şeker Bayramı moment in Provincetown

While walking the dog the other morning in Provincetown (sleepy puppets in tow on my mantle, tabi canım) I was studiously conducting my usual eavesdropping activity. Now this activity could more *positively* be referred to, Celebi (the modernist puppet) tells me, … Continue reading

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Approaching death in a Turkish-American relationship: Is it time to stir the irmik helvası?

Surrounded by the puppets and M. on the crinkle-comfort white couch, I listened to the filtered  sound of traffic in the windy streets of Nişantaşı coming in through the slanted, modern windows that opened towards me, as opposed to just the … Continue reading

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