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Twelve months, twelve moments and one blue slug: The Puppets reflect on 2014

For days and days, Karagöz, ever the trickster, has been hounding me with one question – “Yılbaşı? Yılbaşı? Yılbaşı? Where are we going to celebrate the new year?”  Embracing our middle-aged personas, we headed for our beloved curl at the end of the earth … Continue reading

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Fisting Eggplants – or – Making İmam Bayıldı For the First Time

Well, apparently Hacivad Bey’s prompting to get back to writing stirred things up a little bit.  We’ll see how long it lasts, says the naysayer. As M. and I walked through the local Armenian grocery, picking up their delectable İmam bayıldı along … Continue reading

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