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After the storm: Karagöz puppets gone wild

It was an otherwise glorious scene, blue skies heading to sunset, hot sun fading towards evening, smooth teal Aegean sea with the beginning pink twinges towards twilight, a litter of white adobe houses taking on the pastel hues of nature … Continue reading

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Of road trips and rose hips (with recipe)

Well, over the last week or so, we have been (virtually) to the U.S. to discuss Obama and 9-11 and Italy to discuss the plight of mozzarella mammas over the last week here on slowly-by-slowly, and now it is time … Continue reading

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Tea at breakfast: Sweltering in my smile with Hacivad and Karagöz

Strong shafts of heat hit my back as I walk up the stairs from the guest room.  It is not yet nine in the morning, and already dry-hot beyond my comfort level.  Sliding into a space next to M. after … Continue reading

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