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The Karagöz puppets recover from Bayram Driving madness

    Let me sit down here, have a glass of herbal “island” tea, catch my breath and tell you of the events of the last few days leading up to today’s Bayram (holiday in Turkish). I’m the sole human (or puppet) standing, … Continue reading

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Don’t ask soldiers for directions: Getting scammed, getting lost, getting giggly

What couple doesn’t know that you can learn much about your relationship through travel “experiences.” We learned early on that we did well together on this front, with M. managing the driving aspect of things and me taking on the … Continue reading

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Searching for the red thread: On structuring a Turkish-American marital memoir (Part 1)

Today, I am going to talk about my elusive “red thread” as it relates to the writing of my Turkish-American marital memoir. My dear friend and soul sister K., also a professor type who edits students’ papers a lot, refers to … Continue reading

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