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Just another çay bahçesi (tea garden) in Anatolia – Or is it?

Anyone who has spent much time in Turkey – especially in the more rural parts of Anatolia – has very likely seen all of the çay bahçesi (tea gardens) with older men hanging out drinking endless glasses of tea. The symphony … Continue reading

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The Karagöz puppets visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles – Kenne faints from shock

You know those pop culture images of the absent-minded and pre-occupied professor that you come across once in a while? Well, that’s me. Some, including my beloved M., might just say with a diplomatic air that I am not “the … Continue reading

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Last night in Bodrum Part II: Dodging Breeze snakes and coffee bullets

Snakes of warm breeze slid around me, curiously disconnected from one another.  I felt them swoosh up and down my arms, my palms flat on the table in front of me as if about to play a child’s slapping hand … Continue reading

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