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Taş gibi: Of language mis-steps, traffic jams and hot Turkish women

“Taş gibi.”  I heard this phrase a lot while two young Turkish American men were living in our house.  I never could quite get the context, as their voices would lower to decibels my old ears couldn’t decipher well.  This … Continue reading

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Esma intones Özdemir Asaf’s “Moment”

Lately, the puppets have been on a poetry kick.  Esma has not shied away from this effort, but has instead surrounded herself with poems.  I can usually find her swaying in the late summer breeze atop an echinacea flower, with … Continue reading

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Of orchid roots and chilly fingertips by the Bosphorus

It is late at night and the night owl spirit, egged on by Hacıyatmaz  (“hah-juh-yacht-mahz”), the incessant institagor of personal writing, is at it again.  He is rocking and rolling, back and forth, keeping me up way past my bedtime.  … Continue reading

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