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Karagöz shrugs his shoulders – the other puppets celebrate!

Last night, the night of the elections in the U.S., Karagöz stayed up late with M. to see if Green Party candidate Jill Stein would win, shrugged his shoulders & did some “cheer up” somersaults when she didn’t. I was … Continue reading

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The puppets consult Rumi re: the U.S. Presidential election: Karagöz goes green – the rest of the puppets yell Gobama!

  Karagöz has been heckling me for weeks, saying things like  “Vote your conscience, and wreak havoc!”  M. agrees with the first part of the sentence, but not the second,  I think Karagöz has been whispering in his ears at night … Continue reading

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Of Atatürk, Obama and navigating U.S. politics as a couple post 9-11

So, having spent a great deal of time remembering how I “dreamed of a burqini” my first summer in Turkey while obsessing over my own body image challenges, cross-cultural marriage is, of course, about a lot more than this.  As … Continue reading

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