Oasis at Afilon: A Hotel Review by the Karagöz Puppets

After escaping both the end-of-the earth wonders and exorbitant food prices at Burhan’s Golden Beach, we made a b-line for the Oasis at Afilon, on the northern side of Dipkarpaz’s coast, facing Turkey, roughly 60 KM away. This special spot is a few KM out of Dipkarpaz itself – but retained the “at the end of the earth” feel we look for.

This tiny, eight-room hotel stands out from any we have ever seen as it is built within the ruins of Afilon. We chose one of the larger two rooms as they were high on the rocks above the tiny bay, as they had more windows and as they stood just next to the ruins.

I’ll leave the rest of the commentary to the puppets:

Mercan bey, the Arabian spice trader puppet: these people know how to cook – they have a deft hand with local spices and those from afar alike. I loved seeing the kitchen garden with blue rosemary blooms out back. It was great to see the same on the large, magnificent fish M. & M’Lady had for their evening Thanksgiving supper. Dotted as it was with Rosemary and Aleppo pepper – not to mention perfectly roasted potatoes, it’s too bad the candlelight was not conducive to a photo.

Zenne the nervous Nellie like a bowl of shaking quince jelly handmaiden puppet: if I had any complaint – and I really feel guilty even saying it because I liked this place so much – it was that they only had packaged Gül reçeli (rose jam) inşirahda of the Real Deal – but breakfast (kahvaltı) was otherwise so perfect! Roasted tomato and haloumi toasts (causing M’Lady to err against her gluten free diet), soft-boiled eggs, a variety of local olives & cheeses and a fantastic plate of orange, pear, apple & kiwi sections. Perfectly presented and of inscrutable quality!

Kenne, the puppet known as the Queen of manners, etiquette & ladylike behavior I must admit that the rooms and bathrooms were fully clean albeit simple. Although designed by men, who I would doubt to have much taste in decoration, these rooms were true to their 1950s roots in detail and spirit. The high ceilings, brass door handles and old fashioned shuttered windows were magnificent. I would only wish for a bathroom door made of something other than a plastic accordion, but this hardly matters for an old married couple even if you do want to keep some of the mystery of bodily functions private.

Celebi, the modernist puppet I was most impressed with Maşallah (yes, really his name) Erkan bey’s commitment to green practices within his establishment. It was a joy to learn of his commitment to solar power – indeed he went to move his large panel to follow the sun several times per day. What a shame that his grant from the EU to build a model solar field to provide electricity for the hotel (versus a generator only at night) was left in limbo as the layers of TRNC bureaucracy at the local and national levels stuck to one another in impenetrable red tape.

Esma, the hippie puppet is too busy meditating to the crash of waves in the center of the ruin next to our room – she had a hard time choosing which amazing mosaic tile floor to choose for her sitting session!

$50 per night with breakfast! don’t miss out on this amazing spot!















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6 Responses to Oasis at Afilon: A Hotel Review by the Karagöz Puppets

  1. Alan says:

    . . a spinning, shoulder-hopping, curtain climbing delight – now I’m really sad to have missed you guys. I must develop patience and calmness.

  2. omentide says:

    This place looks and sounds so wonderful. It makes me want to jump on a plane… However, at present we have only one passport between the two of us (renewal time) so it will have to be some time in the future.

  3. As always, wonderful pictures. And so much to admire and enjoy here. What a grand holiday you are having!

  4. lizcameron says:

    Thanks, Nancy! It was a grand trip, lots and lots to think about and talk about in a very unusual country for many reasons – posts to come on that!

  5. lizcameron says:

    I hope the passport renewal process goes fast – and I would high-tail it to the Karpaz as development, sadly, is fast encroaching!

  6. lizcameron says:

    We missed you and thought of you often – but on to summer and the blue mollusk escapade!

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