Esma and M. mourn the Sivas Alevi massacre case verdict

Re-blogging my own commentary on the Sivas massacre – 20th annibersary. Too sick for much commentary today, but wanted to honor the date.


“Have you heard the news?” M. asked quietly over the crackly phone line as I dashed out to the porch in search of better reception. “Have you read the Turkish papers yet today?” he asked, with intent. “There was a big riot in protest of the Sivas massacre case being dropped as a result of a statute of limitations. It is just awful, just terrible. This is one reason why I fear for the nation of my birth.”

In his comments, M. is referencing the Sivas massacre (in which 33 Alevi intellectuals were murdered in 1993). M has spoken about this massacre many times in the course of our years together. You can see the news he is reacting to here and here and you can read more about the massacre here.

According to, “The trials would have continued if the Sivas Massacre would have been accepted…

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2 Responses to Esma and M. mourn the Sivas Alevi massacre case verdict

  1. Alan says:

    . . another one of those cases of bloody murder that abound in corrupt states all around the world. Egypt’s democratically elected president and parliament are now being taken down by another US-led ‘colour revolution’. Western corporatists didn’t like the anti-capitalist constitution so decided to turn their Salfist jihadis loose and destroy the country creating one more Balkanised, fragmented, failed state ripe for plunder.

  2. Alan says:

    on a personal level . . keep on truckin’!

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