Weekly photo challenge: Surprise – meat across the street in Little Armenia


Two dudes with a dead lamb, casually draped over the shoulder of the hat guy – in LIttle Armenia. (Image by Liz Cameron)

Well, for this week’s WordPress photo challenge, the theme is surprise.  Now, dear reader, I’ve been pretty stumped on this one – and couldn’t come up with anything but the most mundane – you know – the surprise of dewdrops on a cobweb in early winter and some such.  It felt trite, and cliché, and as I have been enjoying joining in with his tribe of photo-obsessed WordPress bloggers, I wanted to continue my new tradition.  You can click for my entries on “reflection” and “delicate,” respectively.

Now, as I try to keep all of my posts related to the topic of this blog, a roadtrip through one Turkish-American cross-cultural marriage – it took me a while to figure out which photo I would like to share.

Finally, early this morning, it hit me.

20121223-174822.jpgEarly this fall, I was shopping for some of our favorite Turkish sour cherry jam, olives, fresh savory pastries and white cheese at the local Armenian market (where the owners speak Turkish – and had a summer place down the street from M.’s family, as it turns out).  As I sat at the stoplight, car full of delicious scents, I had a surprise – two big “American looking” dudes, were walking in front of my car with a dead lamb casually thrown across their shoulder.  While this is a common sight in Turkey (well, in more rural parts of Anatolia from my experience), it is NOT a common sight here.  We are, in this century, and perhaps in my social class, way too disconnected from where our Christmas lamb roast ACTUALLY originates.

So, after catching my surprised breath, I got out my iPhone camera just in time to catch them crossing the road. Then, I just reminded myself that I was in Boston’s “Little Armenia” and drove on home as the puppets all looked on as if *nothing* shocking had happened.  They didn’t even deign to comment.

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4 Responses to Weekly photo challenge: Surprise – meat across the street in Little Armenia

  1. Alan says:

    . . normal! (Turkish for normal)

  2. Nancy says:

    Nicely written, and a fine vignette. Sad for the lamb. Wonder if that lamb came from the shop you were in, or was unceremoniously slaughtered in someone’s back yard????
    Marry Christmas, Dear Heart!

  3. Jack Scott says:

    Alan said it all with one word!

  4. joyce colman says:

    This reminded me of going shopping with my grandpa in the Bronx. (He died when I was 5. so earlier than that). We went around the corner to the kosher butcher shop, with the live chickens in wooden cages, squwaking up above my head against the wall. He pointed to one, they took it in the back, and in a few minutes they brought it back, for his approval. The butcher was in a white coat; he held the chicken outstretched in one hand, lying on a white piece of paper. It had no feathers; its skin was bluish white with little bumps all over where the feathers had been. But the thing I remember the most was its ugly yellow feet, with long toes stretched out straight but with cramped looking gnarled knuckles. The feet were my grandfather’s favorite part to eat. I just realized why my grandmother’s arthritic fingers always made me so sad!
    Happy Holidays

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