We Karagöz puppets just learn of other puppet species – Muppet they call. We thinks they very deep thinker, but not this blue cookie man, he crazy. We puppet think we find Samuel Beckett book soon and show M’Lady, she need absurdist play, if interpret that way indeed we not sure.


the K. Puppets

Life of refinement

“Yeah, that’s deep, deep stuff.”

I like the idea of the Sesame Street folks carving out the time to produce such a segment.  Who pitches such an idea?
Who approves such an idea?  It is a nice illustration of the kind of abstract license that seemed to be available to Sesame Street at times.

I especially like the idea of not talking down to kids.  I guess there could be some perception of a mockery of Becket and philosophical/abstract plays.  But if your snide-upper-class-host-of-a-public television show is played by COOKIE MONSTER maybe you are the one being mocked.

How badass is it that the character who never arrives is the mass marketed Sesame Street super star Elmo?

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  1. Fantastic. I don’t remember Cookie Monster speaking so well or at such length. What I do remember is translating the play in French class and like the tree wondering what I was doing there.

  2. E. says:

    I had the same response about Cookie Monster & the cookies in the end had me LOLing, of course.

    LOL about you translating the play from French!

    Glad you enjoyed it!!!

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