The Karagöz puppets stage a coup d’état: Guest blog, anyone?

We Karagöz puppet troupe had muffin. Well we had that American thing yes, cranberry orange, but strange bug call spellcheck on jumpy iPhone toy make “enough” to this muffin word. We giggle .

But we done. We done play easy with our M’lady, Liz Cameron. She tough old bird say her friend, we hide giggle, snort.

M. say inatlaşma (Allah Allah – iPhone spellcheck bug try speak Türkce now). M. say she tough damn stubborn cookie must do Dragon software not type but she hate. M’lady bad as Maggie Thatcher this way. She frustrated and cry.

Therefore we coup d’état. We need you readers consider make some slowly by slowly words – you call Blog posts!

It be you respond to what you read in some M’Lady’s other blogs?

it be you right own blog post about cross-cultural relationship?

It be you write about Turkiye or something?

It be you write about same culture relationship in another culture and it change some?

We hiding laptop, M. help it. We say “Occupy M’Lady” for rotator cuff & mental health optimal make. She must stop write, we must still add to blog bc people seem like it? Make her happy to. Help other blogger too!

Kind kind Deonna Kelli Sayed & Marocmamma respond our stealthy tweet 4 help, we send love prayer they way 2 hope they can help.

We no more type, our hands full managing M’Lady! Please help!


The entire karagöz puppet troupe


P.S. M’Lady brain look somewhat like this

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2 Responses to The Karagöz puppets stage a coup d’état: Guest blog, anyone?

  1. Sezin says:

    My Wild Thing and Alf stuffed animals have been frothing at the mouth for a chance to appear somewhere and reveal all my secrets. Since I won’t let them into my blog, maybe you will give them a voice on yours?

    P.S. Your brain looks beautiful! I would love to feature that image on my hybrid/MONSTER sideshow. 🙂

  2. E. says:

    BTW – forgot to say *please* feel free to use my foggy brain photo. In reality it is an accidental photo of a scarf M. Gave me. Enjoy NYC!!!!!!!

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