A review of Cafe Mangal, by the Karagöz puppets

Copper dome over my dinner (Image by Esma, the photo-happy puppet, for LIz Cameron)

Here we Karagöz puppets again, M’lady no typing! We use translator Dragon program for write for her, but it not understand we accent.  Today we make review of lokanta – oops – you say restaraunt America’da.

So, today, nice lady invite us to Cafe Mangal for taste home flavor dinner, we appreciate! M’lady & M drive in car long way round – we only recognize Armenian market with lots of dark.  M. Sings old Turkish song along radio box to M’lady for cheer up, working pretty good, but he tone deaf, so you say.

We arrive Cafe Mangal, we puppet smell good baking there, but feel ears loud with all people jam pack in there.  We think pretty place, we enjoy fresh bread from fırın (brick oven) especially one with olive. Why Americans no have warm fresh bread from oven enough? We make comfort with that. Americans need comfort, think we.

A mangal (Image by Esma, the photo-happy puppet, for LIz Cameron)

There in Cafe Mangal, we see familiar things, so we miss home little bit, but ignore that and eat lots. Big copper Ottoman Mangal in corner for making kahve & keeping warm – M’lady not even know what is that – M tell her right there! She need much more know Ottoman history and stuff, shameful, we must whisper in her ear nighttime! Anyway, we sneak iPhone take close ups of pretty copper.  Must be from Gaziantep, we visit and remember “tink tink tink” sound of coppersmiths.

So, review of food is ok good, we think pretty pricey! Our mouths watering at sight of meze and especially havuç salatası (carrot salad) and patlıcan salatası (smoky eggplant salad, but they put beyyaz peynir in, strange but good!). We enjoy. M’lady, M., m’lady mother & friend enjoy too – they demolish plate, leave mess, we stop Karagöz lick plate clean from their mess. Trickster, rude Karagöz strike again, almost! We puppet think pretty good although lady friend şiş a tough cut – fısh kebap, rack of lamb w stewed figs, köfte Yummy. Nice salad vegetables mix in, American style. This place like Chinese rester aunt make American style food – but Turkish, not Chinese. Americans feel better maybe? It good though.

Our major complaint – we hungry puppets wait *long* *long* time for supper come – maybe 45 minutes, why?

M’lady can’t resist helva & ice cream – friend take limon sorbet – and yummy both, we sneak, M’lady pretend not to notice. M’lady order çay – it come with milk, spice, we horrified! What is this çay?  Mercan Bey, our spice man, you know him, he explain it to be Hindustan çay tea. Why Turkish place make Hindustan tea we don’t know, we accept globalization reality and move on.

On way out, we notice silver mirror only have American flag, not Turkish one, stick there, flag not. Someone take Turkish flag? We think maybe relate to 9-11? M say maybe or we paranoid maybe.  Maybe yes we paranoid.

Our decision? We want return for lamacun & börek but hope not wait so so so long.

Teşekkür ederim Cafe Mangal! We go back for fırın baking soon.

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2 Responses to A review of Cafe Mangal, by the Karagöz puppets

  1. Turklish says:

    I’m loving the posts by your puppets – very creative and the broken English is so realistic! I hope the delicious food helped cheer you up and heal your body.

  2. E. says:

    THANK YOU so Mach fir tmiş Fenerbahçe (otopsi ooops – had Turkish keyboard on so this will be a Turklish comment)

    I am so glad to get this feedback – I wasn’t sure if it was obnoxious or not. It started w the poor translation from Dragon dictation software, that’s how I got the idea!

    And the food did help indeed!

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