We is Karagöz puppets, worried ’bout M’lady, don’t speak İngilizce good




20121109-160454.jpgWe is Karagöz puppets, we worried about m’lady. she sleeping now lots. dr. says good. she depressed a lot so we learn iPhone jumping on pad it’s slippery we fall we like play with phone we like solitaire, sudoku when she sleep.

We would like take picture with iPhone, it takes many of us small puppet to lift iPhone to take picture. We take a picture of what m’lady see out the window from bed. Is pretty fall color, at least she open window some for nice air that blows we across room sometimes for fun.

we walk with m’lady today to Dr. Dr. check on arm problem. We saw garden full of frosty red hot peppers, stopped Karagoz from taking & make mischief at Dr. like he threat to. Dr. Also check m’lady brain problem. Drs. say m’lady going to be okay! M’lady say hope so, soon. We say she need more tea. Lots more, and sulphur spring in Dalyan too. And no more university job, she need be artist. She say, can’t be starving artist.

we think M’lady arm hurts so she cant make tea, takes mind away from feel happy. friend of m’lady make her laugh, make her tea in house today. We happy then. she must have puppets in her house. not ottoman ones though.

friend leave, we make lots of tea and m’lady likes us to keep her company. M’lady came home from brain doctor and nice flower on Step – all fall color rolls together nice like, we take close up because we not good w camera. We like texture, chorus of dancing ladies do flower dance for m’lady. M’lady cry because nice flower present. We puppet don’t understand how cry = happy, we best try on stage? Maybe American thing? Not in ottoman court.

M’lady resting now, looking at blue sky, red leaf out window, while she sleep, we take photo for her.

We helping m’lady get better now. She be just fine.

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3 Responses to We is Karagöz puppets, worried ’bout M’lady, don’t speak İngilizce good

  1. Alan says:

    By Andrew Morton (add your own title)

    gravel in a chicken’s gut
    flies buzzing feebly against a screen
    morels at the foot of a dead apple tree
    shadow of a hawk, receding
    whisper of snakes on stone
    the sun that powers the heart of a flea
    a history of oceans
    written on the underside of clouds
    in a worn wicker basket
    abandoned by a stream,
    galaxies blooming
    (the last six lines glow)

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  3. E. says:

    Boy oh boy, this surely gets at it. Thank you for sharing this one. Xo

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