The Karagöz puppets vote…İznik vs. mid-century modern tiles


Too expensive for a whole bathroom, this may become the kitchen backsplash in Provincetown…with clementine colored paint above it on one accent wall, if M. has any say in the matter (I quite like the idea) (Image by Liz Cameron)

These days, my shoulder hurts more than one might imagine possible, and those Karagöz puppets, well, they are trying to keep me still, but my right hand *needs* to type occasionally.

Luckily, I am somewhat ambidextrous, and I can both use scissors and take photos with my iPhone using my right hand.

Therefore, the puppets have been egging me on to take and post photos.

So, that leads me to tell the story of the day M. and I woke up to a horde of sobbing puppets, looking lovingly at page after page of İznik ceramics in the book that graces our coffee table.

Turkish Iznik tile

Turkish Iznik tile (Photo credit: Scott MacLeod Liddle)

It was, of course, and they knew it, the day we were to set off looking for tile for our bathroom renovations in Provincetown. Here, the puppets share their favorites – what do you vote on?

Simple, elegant pale blue pennyround tiles with brown edges (Image by Liz Cameron)

Olive-ish in nature, this is also too expensive, and might drive us nuts after a while, so it too, may become kitchen backsplash materia instead of the above…(Image by Liz Cameron)









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