The Karagoz puppets find Mehtap…in Tulum, Mexico


The puppets snuck out my dead iphone, which while unable to get a signal, could still capture the moonlight on the water in Tulum, Mexico – in Turkish, “mehtap” means “moonlight on water.” I like a language that devotes one word to this!

Although they had dreamed of a visit to Marmaris to warm their nascent puppet bones, the Karagoz shadow puppet troupe decided that Miami was ok, once they landed there.

For one thing, it was warm, and their bones felt better.

For a second thing, they headed straight for Cafe Versailles where they had a Cuban cafecito (little coffee).

And, those puppets, they were especially enamored of the gilded marble floors in the Miami International Airport – especially as that gilding were all in the shape of sea creatures (see their photos, below, after the post).

Cuban sandwich

This is what the Cuban sandwich looked like…there was a bit of scandal around Muslims and meat – but all forgot about these once they started drooling at how good it looked… (Photo credit: TheGirlsNY)

And after they splurged on a large Cuban sandwich in La Carretta, the famous restaurant in the Miami International Airport, they were thrilled to know that this was not the end of the fun – but that we were flying on to Mexico.

Hardly able to contain their excitement, they bounced on the seats all the way to Cancun. Luckily, imaginary puppet bouncing on airplane seats does not incur the wrath of the people sitting around, as, well, they are imaginary puppets that live in my head, but anyway.

Miami International Airport

After getting the once-over from the Mexican security people (we must look suspicious, two middle agers, fighting the battle of the paunch, with only carry on luggage – or else the TSA called ahead), we headed out to meet our driver, Senor Tilo, in the humid late afternoon.

As I carried on in my pidgin Spanish with our driver, the puppets stared at me in shock, eventually resulting in Yehuda Rebbe’s stammered comment that “if you can speak Spanish THIS well, why aren’t you working on your Turkish?” You may well ask, and all I can say is “slowly by slowly” – or for Yehuda Rebbe’s benefit “yavaş yavaş.

List of Maya sites

One of the many Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost 2 hours later, as we entered the Tulum area, we caught a lovely imagine of a gaggle of fisherpeople, fishing in the moonlight on the shores of the Caribbean sea. It wasn’t until we were ensconsed in our minimalist, modernist hotel room (overlooking the sea and not much else), that I saw this snap, taken by the puppets.

We all crashed into the sweet of sleep before you could say goodnight – or rather “iyi akşamlar”

To be continued….and here are a few of the puppet’s gilded floor photos…

Golden mollusks and sea creatures on floor of Miami International Airport

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3 Responses to The Karagoz puppets find Mehtap…in Tulum, Mexico

  1. Alan says:

    ‘Moonlight and ro . . conches,
    Bring wonderful mem’ries of you.
    Heart tied in bonches,
    At beautiful thoughts so true.
    Tra-la-la 🙂

  2. E. says:

    You are a poet – and I didn’t even know it!

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