Karagöz buys rags, loves “musique,” quotes Orhan Veli Kanık

en: Karagöz (Shadow play) hu: Karagöz (Árnyjáték)

Karagöz recites his poem to Hacivad Bey, who is confused by rags and musique (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After honoring the Jewish high holy days in an uncharacteristic respectful silence and period of meditation and contemplation, Karagöz is back in full force.  Despite all of his quiet days, he has been observing Celebi, Tiryaki and Esma sharing their favorite poetry with me, a.k.a. m’lady, and is not to be outdone.

In true form, that strange oppositional puppet man has chosen an odd one from Orhan Veli Kanik, and it fits Karagöz perfectly….see what you think!

I buy rags
and turn them into stars
Musique is the food of the soul
I am crazy about musique
I write poetry
I write poetry and buy rags
In exchange for rags I buy musiques
If also I could be a fish in a bottle of rakı..!

Eskiler alıyorum
Alıp yıldız yapıyorum
Musiki ruhun gıdasıdır
Musikiye bayılıyorum
Şiir yazıyorum
Şiir yazıp eskiler alıyorum
Eskiler verip musikiler alıyorum
Bir de rakı şişesinde balık olsam.

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