Esma intones Özdemir Asaf’s “Moment”

Esma has a moment…

Lately, the puppets have been on a poetry kick.  Esma has not shied away from this effort, but has instead surrounded herself with poems.  I can usually find her swaying in the late summer breeze atop an echinacea flower, with a stack of books at her flower height, pouring over the pages in order to wash herself in words.  Ever the hippie, this puppet woman has decided on her favorite for the week…as usual, it rings of the theme of building bridges of understanding and connection.  See what you think of Özdemir Asaf’s moment…



Laughing is approaching someone else;
All of a sudden it turns two people into one..
Even if you build a castle from your memories and take shelter,
One life won’t be enough for one person alone.


English: An overview photo of the canal separa...

English: An overview photo of the canal separating East-West Istanbul, taken from the Galata Tower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gülüş bir yanaşımdır bir öbür kişiye;
Birden iki kişiyi döndürür bir kişiye..
Anılarından kale yapıp sığınsa bile,
Yetmez yalnız başına bir ömür bir kişiye.


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2 Responses to Esma intones Özdemir Asaf’s “Moment”

  1. Alan says:

    I think I’ll stick with AE Housman and Bob Dylan – more on my wavelength.

  2. E. says:

    aha – now need to look him up. The puppets are off their poetry kick – but may return with a series of their favorite Dylan tunes soon!

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