Tiryaki’s turn: Sen benim sarhoşluğumsun…

Tiryaki is my narcoleptic, opium-addicted puppet…he is somewhat of a surfer dude type in the puppet lineup in my mind. He is pining for lost love, it turns out.

Lately, the puppets have been reading poetry again.  Maybe it is the autumnal weather and maudlin sunshine moments on the stone steps of the back porch that eggs them on so to find love poems that are tinged a bit with sad…I am not sure.  In any case, they are all tromping around my brain showing me their favorites, and today it was Tiryaki who caught my ear first thing in the morning…

Tiryaki, my puppet who is addicted to opium, wants to share his favorite poem of late…he wants us to know this is about his lost love, the one that sent him into the opium dens for life…maybe someday we will know more about this…but for now it’s all about the pipe for this guy…he just whispered to me that this poem is about love and is from none other than the famous poet Nazim Hikmet…

You are my drunkenness…
I did not sober up, as if I can do that;
I don’t want to anyway.
I have a headache, my knees are full of scars
I am in mud all around
I struggle to walk towards your hesitant light.

Sen benim sarhoşluğumsun…
Ne ayıldım, ne ayılabilirim,
Ne ayılmak isterim.
Başım ağır, dizlerim parçalanmış
Üstüm başım çamur içinde
Yanıp-sönen ışığına düşe kalka giderim.

Kanbur Tiryaki

Kanbur Tiryaki (Photo credit: kerim)

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