Modern interpretations of the Karagöz Oyunları

Source: via Liz on Pinterest

While the Karagöz puppets in my head are very much here in modern times, they did originate in the 1300s, in the Ottoman court.  My puppets, however, really live between two worlds – through some sort of wormhole or other time-beding Tardis-enabled reality.  In all seriousness, though, there are a number of modern-day interpretations of the puppets – and today’s post is a set of images of those interpretations.  I hope you will enjoy them!

First, we have the Karagöz Oyunları iPhone app – you can read about that here at my previous blog post…a lovely but not that creative app, unfortunately, not much you can do with it other than see what the puppets say when you touch them in different areas…

Second, we have this lovely image of some of the puppets – where our beloved Karagöz and Hacivad have animal bodies on their lower halves.  I am reminded of satirs and the like, from childhood nighttime stories, usually read in the bath.  We would splash whenever one of those creatures came into the story.  I am not sure if Karagoz stories would be read at bedtime…

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2 Responses to Modern interpretations of the Karagöz Oyunları

  1. Alan says:

    Hmmmm! This smacks of deviationism – diluting the gene-pool! By the way, the last photo appears to link to a web-hosting sign-up scam – on the other hand, you may be doing a bit of e-commerce.

  2. E. says:

    I agree – there is much to be said for purity – however – I am quite enamored of the Karagoz sea creature…although I am troubled that it leads to a web hosting scam – doesn’t happen on this end. I wonder if that is an artifact of your web? I am totally against e-commerce for this blog and won’t put any of those ads on my blog! Maybe they are sneaking in, somehow. Will check! Thanks for the alert.

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