Farazi Kozmos’ modern-day take on Karagoz (in Turkish)

Craig Jacobrown puppet troupe presents a child...

So, it has been months and months of me writing about the Karagöz puppets – and you know that these little paper people are metaphorical inventions that play out the voices in my head. You probably have also gathered that I am not, contrary to what it may seem, suffering from auditory hallucinations. Some of you think that the puppets torture me somehow – but actually this is not the case, they are just a way to “process” the in-many-ways subtle cross-cultural reality in which I live. However, what you have not seen a lot of is how the Karagöz puppets are presented in a more traditional – or even modern – light. Always focused on playing up cultural stereotypes (as well as personality types, perhaps), the Karagöz puppets are famous in Turkey – although these days, they primarily have a child audience. While many Karagöz puppeteers do their shows in the traditional manner, this does not stop the budding animators from taking on this traditional art form. So, in case you are curious about what the modern-day might look like for Karagöz and company, check out this video – in very modern animation. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Farazi Kozmos’ modern-day take on Karagoz (in Turkish)

  1. Alan says:

    Oh! that it were possible. Lot of frustrations at the moment with such limited bandwidth – never mind, I’ll join the club and use my imagination 😀

  2. Ay – the bandwidth is the curse of the emikoy, I am learning. Well, it’s just Karagoz and co. and computers and mobile phones and silly stuff like that. Imagination is better anyway!!!

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