Hacivad Bey whispers on what is most important…

"Blue dawn" from Twisted Tree Photography

Today started early with Hacivad Bey, who crept up onto the windowsill above us in what the French refer to as “crepuscule or that ephemeral fleeting neon-turkuaz blue only found at dawn and dusk.

Leaning over the edge of the cream-colored wood, he whispered into our ears before we ever woke up – a poem -from Rumi

“The Lovers
will drink wine night and day.
They will drink until they can
tear away the veils of intellect and
melt away the layers of shame and modesty.
When in Love,
body, mind, heart and soul don’t even exist.
Become this,
fall in Love, and you will not be separated again.”

Taking these words to heart, in some small protest of the commercialization of love and Saint Valentine’s Day, I hope you will celebrate what matters today with those you love!

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4 Responses to Hacivad Bey whispers on what is most important…

  1. Alan says:

    J and I have a mantra which she introduced me to:
    Oh we’ve got to trust
    one another again
    in some essentials.

    Not the narrow little
    bargaining trust
    that says: I’m for you
    if you’ll be for me,

    But a bigger trust,
    a trust of the sun
    that does not bother
    about moth and rust,
    and we see it shining
    in one another.

    Oh don’t you trust me,
    don’t burden me
    with your life and affairs; don’t
    thrust me
    into your cares.

    But I think you may trust
    the sun in me
    that glows with just
    as much glow as you see
    in me, and no more.

    But if it warms
    your heart’s quick core
    why then trust it, it forms
    one faithfulness more.

    And be, oh be
    a sun to me,
    not a weary, insistent

    but a sun that shines
    and goes dark, but shines
    again and entwines
    with the sunshine in me

    till we both of us
    are more glorious
    and more sunny.

    D. H. Lawrence, 1885 – 1930

  2. Beth says:

    Thanks for the words. They will stay with me.

  3. You are very welcome, Beth! For more inspiring words – check out Alan’s shared poem in the comment above!

  4. Thank you, A., for sharing this. I have never read this poem – and it is already feeling sticky to my brain. I really love the imagery and of course the wisdom as well. Now I need to google around to see who D H Lawrence was writing about and what THEIR relationship was like.

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