Puppets on vacation – Writer’s block sets in

See the massively talented artist who created this cardboard typewriter over at Etsy (the puppets had it delivered in order to usher in the current era of writer's block)

After a truly lovely gourmet anniversary dinner at a tiny (and tony) local-food fancy restaurant, the puppets decided to take a vacation – and they sent me a gift – it is called “writer’s block.”

They are all in the upstairs “mango room” – so named for its wall color – revelling in the sunshine and playing hide and seek in between dust-bunnies behind my desk. It’s been a couple of really busy and intense days in the non-puppet world – and I really miss their presence. It’s hard to live without Rumi quotes, rebellious tricksters, flower-emitting hippies and manners-minded mavens.

Several times, I have sat down to write the stories knocking about in my head – and what happens is that my laptop begins to look about like the photo here, of a cardboard typewriter, that, need I say, does not produce written words. So, it looks like there are EVEN writer’s block moments on the cross-cultural journey that is my Turkish-American marriage – even though there is so much going on that my brain is akin to a massive hotel stove with 6 pots simultaneously simmering, boiling, poaching and braising various topics. From being black-and-white in arguments to the merits of bacon to the surprise of a tiny Eritrean girl upon seeing our faces walk into her father’s social club – there will be some good stories coming along as soon as my puppets come downstairs from the mango room and rejoin me again. Will it to be so, folks.

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8 Responses to Puppets on vacation – Writer’s block sets in

  1. Jack Scott says:

    We all need to take a break from time to time. I’m thinking of cutting down. Put your feet up and have a cuppa!

  2. Love the cardboard typewriter!! I am totally with you on the writer’s block. I live with the blog-angoscia (blog anguish) always getting myself worked up into a tizzy if I don’t have something to write about. Gustavo churns out about three-a-day and I fret. When I come up with an idea, I get a huge adrenalin high and throw myself into it, but there are moments when the ideas just don’t come. Don’t force it. When you get unblocked, you’re writing will be all the better. Lucky puppets up in the “Mango” room, sounds lovely! Baci, Trisha

  3. Alan says:

    Block -Schmock! Shouldn’t you be working on the ‘Back Roads of Mugla Province’? ;-D

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  5. Liz Cameron says:

    Busted! Indeed! This inspired me to drag out my old copy of the CA book to start to get inspired. 🙂

  6. Liz Cameron says:

    TY so much T!

    Note that G is churning out SHORT pieces. I think that is part of what you have to work on. SHORT ones. Or photos of mozzarella mamma moments.

    Feeling better now that the puppets have returned from vacay up in the mango room (now shared with Murat!) remember when the kids were all up to no good up there during the first week in the house?

  7. Liz Cameron says:

    Looks like the flu did this for me – but I found your words here to be particularly helpful. While I’ve blown my post-a-day new year’s resolution to shreds, I’ve decided I was too much of an overacheiver wannabee on that front anyway – given that I have a FT job! So, just going to do a min of 3 posts per week!!!

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