The Karagoz Shadow Puppets Invade A Smartphone

Yes....there is such a thing as iKaragöz (click here for image and info)

Today, I woke up at about 3 a.m.

There was a blue light coming from the dining room.  I figured that M. had left his phone plugged in for the night.  The light was bugging me – but as I walked in to turn off the light, I realized puppets were all gathered around our guest’s smartphone – screaming with glee as well as doing a victory dance full of vim and vigor.

“Well,” I thought, sleepily, “what in the heck are they up to now?”

Hacivad Bey turned to me – none of his ancient-minded stance or mellifluous, peaceful Rumi-reading-induced self anywhere present.  “Our shadow selves live on the smartphone!”

Not knowing what to do, I joined in back of the circle of flat wax papery puppets, all aglow with the blue of the smartphone screen…and there they were – the iKaragöz shadow puppet troupe – on our houseguest’s phone.

And the addiction begins.

If you want to become addicted to the iKaragöz tribe – go to your Apps button (I presume it works like an iphone) and:

For Turkish edition (with voice) search for: iKaragoz
Özel Türk edisyonumuz(sesli)”iKaragöz” olarak geçmektedir.

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6 Responses to The Karagoz Shadow Puppets Invade A Smartphone

  1. Alan says:

    . . bad enough with a laptop consuming my time (and incurring J’s wrath when things that should get done are left undone). I avoid anything with an ‘i’ prefix like the plague, or a slowly by slowly death from a thousand cuts/just let me check this!

  2. Jack Scott says:

    We’re far too poor for an i-thingy!

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