Mutlu Yıllar/Happy New Year: What do you want to hear more about?

Curiosity killed the cat, and I used my own door-knocker...ok, it is not mine. It is a door in the old town within Kilis, near the Syrian border...we collect door knocker photos 🙂

I couldn’t help myself, I decided I had to take a break from the fun of writing my crazy stories that are infused with Ottoman era puppets in my head in order to look at my site stats. OK, OK, Karagöz put me up to it. He said – “just check out the site stats – see what is most popular – just do it. It is better than grading these papers, you vain plain jane!” And, of course, I was so grumpy that he had called me a plain jane, that I immediately went to and had my results delivered under my fingertips.

And, of course, what are people interested in about my blog? The cynic in me is not surprised about the top three: one on stereotypes about Middle Eastern men, one that references my shock at the topless ladies on the beach (next to those wearing hasema) and one that was adjacent to the topless ladies post, for all the pervs out there – you know who you are!

But then my faith in the world of the mind was lifted just a bit – with the fourth and the fifth top posts focused on understanding “why slowly by slowly?” and explaining the puppets. I note that my recipe posts are not the most popular – despite much advice to include recipes. It seems that sex – and potential terrorism – sell well!

1) On managing stereotypes about Middle Eastern men

2) From Islamic feminism and the perfect demure nightgown to topless ladies on the beach

3) Just dropping by: Caught in the white cotton nightgown with juicy peaches and once-boiled tea

4) Why slowly-by-slowly?

5) What are Karagöz shadow puppets?

So, readers, what do you want to hear more about? Let me know via the poll on the sidebar!

BTW – the search terms used to get to my site are also somewhat strange -my all-time favorite, used not once, but three times to get to slowly-by-slowly is: “what is this life in a bowl of jelly that you can’t see through red globs,” I have no idea!  Other favorites and/or curiosities include: “inner peace sunrise” (3), “hatay wind map” (3) and “purple field sunrise” (3)

Other than the most common ones using the name of the site, here is the rundown:

slowly by slowly 102 37
karagoz puppets 30
galatasaray 28
star in the sky 26
karagoz 25
sky with stars 24
star sky 22
stars in the sky 21
turkish love rats 20
middle eastern men 19
star in sky 14
stars sky 11
crystal ball 10
turkish love rat stories 10
karagözün karısı 10
ezme 9
night sky star 8
grape vine 8 8
turkish henna 8
laughing 8
burqini 7
burquini 7
turkish tea cup 7
pestemal 7
crescent moon thik 7
stereotypical middle eastern person 7
karagoz puppet 7
night sky stars 7 7
manti 6
bodrum 6
karagöz 6
night stars 6
stars night sky 6
turkish love rats photos 6
lokma 6
grapevine 6
middle eastern stereotypes 6
cihangir 5
a star in the sky 5
star light sky 5
sky star 5
stars 5
iskander kebap 5
henna hands 5
ranting dan daun 5
saudi junk food 5
kaftans in saudi 5
turkish love ruts veli 5
istanbul tourist map 5
demure ladies 5
quotes about stirring the pot 5
istanbul cihangir stairs 5
hashema 5
kazandibi recipe 5
istock 5
traditional turkish bath towels, pestemals, are still used today at modern hamams. 5
grapevines 5
turkish american marriage 4
lotus sun henna 4
notify me when comments are added add comments eye or beauty or cosmetics 4
تفاح تركى فوجى 4
grape vine clip art 4
galatasaray aslan 4
nightdress demure 4
negative stereotype about muslims cartoons 4
turkish shadow plays puppets 4
antique brown rim teal saucer 4
stereotype about religion 4
gecekondu neighborhoods istanbul map 4
turkish love rats 2011 4
براد شاي طهران 4
turkish evil eye tattoo designs 4
laughter clip art 4
türk mantısı 4
lokma recipe 4
designs from the ottoman empire 4
ottoman shadow puppet collection 4
sky stars 4
crystal ball clipart 4
cracked walnut 4
maps istanbul 4
hatay food photos 4
haşema 4
kazandibi tavuk 4
turkish jeans 4
yin -yang 4
laurel leaf 4
karagoz puppet museum 4
womens butt cheeks 4
karagoz dancer shadow puppet dancer 4
khadija red thunder 4
turkish breakfast 4
negros rebels 4
real stars in the sky 3
what is this life in a bowl of jelly that you can’t see through red globs 3
lira glass 3
italia og turkey 3
gay kos island 3
tumbleweed 3
vorld simit 3
hashema swimwear 3
istanbul şehir haritası 3
slowly by slowly karagoz 3
rumi i never needed to ask you for anything. but who needs to ask the sun for its light?” 3
pumpkin vines 3
old spanish maps 3
twirls 3
turkish loverats 3
dalyan love rats 3
hacivat karagoz strips 3
turkish tea lyrics 3
guidance of road 3
pictures of someone chuckling 3
bright star in the sky 3
karagoz and hacivat 3
urfa turkey 3
bozcaada 3
liz cameron slowly 3
salgam suyu 3
sufi costumes female 3
middle eastern man 3
haşema swimsuit shops in istanbul 3
звезда в небе 3
europe and istanbul map 3
star in the night sky 3
ezme recipe 3
inner peace wallpaper 3
www sew lovely embroidery photos tream blogspot com 3
mavi jeans campaign 3
henna drawing 2011 3
loose petal images 3
hacivat ile karagöz 3
thik crescent moon 3
hybrid map of spain 3
turkish pastry clip art 3
demure nightgown 3
henna hand designs rumi 3
old woman with toples 3
modern turkish wedding traditions 3
shining stars in the sky 3
middle eastern terrorist 3
dead fish godfather 3
yeni raki 3
kemal ataturk’s favorite foods 3
turist hacivat ile karagözün 3
stars on the sky 3
rustic table outside 3
istanbul traffic map 3
ottoman woman 3
home lighting “add comments” notify home lighting comments are added. 3
greek shadow puppets ladies 3
feminist muslim art 3
tavuklu kazandibi 3
i just can’t have sex without my lover and my nightie 3
grapevine wedding border 3
purple field sunrise 3
turkish love rats istanbul 3
antique irani shoes 3
hatay wind map 3
antique barak kilim 3
galatasaray resimleri 3
topless nightgown 3
khadija red thunder spokane 3
handmade lighting “add comments” notify home lighting comments are added. 3
antalya beach bikini irani 3
night sky with stars 3
sunny blue porn 3
obese woman beach 3
spice jar 3
velvet kaftans for women 3
star night sky 3
hena dardanelle 3
başakşehir map 3
crazy drivers 3
turkish lokma 3
show me an ancient map of spain 3
star lit sky 3
star sky cartoon 3
turkish shadow puppets 3
istanbul city map 3
sex hijab turkish 3
middle eastern drinks alcoholic 3
beach community 3
istanbul love rats 3
shoes ottoman man 3
turkish hijab 3
blue dress lady sea moon 3
love rats 3
verbal unspoken love
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4 Responses to Mutlu Yıllar/Happy New Year: What do you want to hear more about?

  1. Jack Scott says:

    Surprisingly, few of my most popular posts are related to Turkey or expat life. As for search terms, the lewd, the rude and the crude seem to be popular (I won’t mention the actual words as they’d have to be censored). Happy New Year and wishing you a prosperous 2012.

  2. Alan says:

    Awwww! You know the sort of stuff I like . . . Life; the Universe and Everything!
    Happy and Jolly New Year to you and M (and your inner voices, of course ;-D)

  3. intlxpatr says:

    Writing for statistics is the surest way to get discouraged and quit.

    Write for yourself. Write because there is something inside that needs saying. You’ve identified the cross-cultural misunderstandings and biases; it is a constant source of attracting regular readers with whom you will have something in common. Food – the Turkish breakfast post – attracts and holds readers.

    If you write about what interests YOU, you will attract a steady stream of devoted readers.

    My highest stat day was nearly 4,000 stats. It had to do with when Ramadan would start, LOL. Another high score was Porn for Women. Some of the lowest grade entries will attract the masses. Is that what you want for this lovely, intelligent blog?

  4. Yes, no question on your good point about the dangers of writing for stats!

    The truth is, I write for love, I write because the stories are overflowing on the proverbial back-burner of my massive 20-burner hotel stove that is my brain these days.

    I know that there is power in storytelling. I know that the best cross-cultural moments of realization come through story-telling – and the listening that goes with that telling.

    I know that the truth of cross-cultural relationships is often condensed into bland bouillon cubes of nuggets that can lead to stereotypes – and my goal was to open up that soup-stock making to more of a critical inquiry, if you will allow my metaphors to blossom.

    I also know that if I am honest with myself, I started this blog on the advice of a literary agent, who said I needed to establish a platform of people interested in my writing – before I could begin shopping my manuscript to literary agents – much less publishing houses. What I have found is that the manuscript I finished a year ago pales in comparison to the new exploring I have been doing over these past 9 or so months of blogging – and that my ideas of matured and seasoned some. The whole thing needs reconsideration now, and I cannot wait to get back to it. I use this blog as a foundation for my daily “writing practice” as Natalie Goldberg (author of Writing Down the Bones) refers to it…and that writing practice, as well as the helpful feedback from commentators, really keeps me going on this work.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and your encouragement. I feel as though you are an angel of sorts, who has descended into my writing world just when I needed it!

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